le smokin’ camilla & marc

camilla & marc SS12 “Paperback Lovers”

Excuse me while I lose my shit over camilla & marc’s floral prints and Celine-inspired matchy matchy tuxedo suits and all of the other goodness in this lookbook. Seriously. Look At It! This is such a beautiful collection. This season’s obsession with florals is really doing my head in, in the best way possible. I haven’t loved flowers so much since I was 5 and had a little flower bed I filled with pansies. I never bothered to water them and so they ended up wilting away – much like most of my more recent horticultural aspirations (except my little desk plant.. oh how I love thee). A floral print? Much, much easier to care for.

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5 Responses to le smokin’ camilla & marc

  1. Thea Natalie says:

    Umm, I want a twin set, now.

    Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life x

  2. Freaking love that florally dress. I look forward to the day when I can afford such lovelies.

  3. This whole collection needs to jump into my wardrobe asap.

  4. SO in love with the floral suit!

    Friend in Fashion

  5. Angela says:

    Holy heck this is sooo rad. Mega crushing on the floral suits!

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