make believe.

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It’s funny, I have seen sending this little questionnaire to many of my favourite bloggers over the last couple of weeks and I never once thought to post it on my own blog. Well, here you go!

Sportsgirl is all about celebrating dreams right now – and believing that they can come true! Fantasy, magic, surrealism – it’s all a part of this wonderland. This blogger badge is doing the rounds right now and if any of you would like to take part, I encourage you to answer the questions and share a lil bit about yourself on your own blog!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Everything from being a check out chick to a flight attendant to an Olympic gymnast. In between that, I wanted to be a power ranger, a music journalist or a fashion editor.

Did you make this dream come true or change your mind?
I dream of happiness and happy I am, so the answer to that is, yes. I am also lucky enough to love the hell out of my job – working as a fashion editor. (Turns out there were already enough power rangers in the world).

What is your fave childhood memory?
Home cooked fish and chips with the family, that my mum would wrap up in newspaper (to make it look like we’d bought them from the shop, which I found delightful), which we would eat across the road at the beach as the sun set.

The biggest dream you have right now?
I’m about to move house so right now, all I am dreaming about is curating the perfect space. I forever dream of travelling, Disneyland, more cats and a happy future.

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
I’m a little bit obsessed with the Hand Stitch Tank, the Hessian French Fry Tote and the Frankie Dress (all of which I think I must own!)

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4 Responses to make believe.

  1. Hey Sam,

    I came across your blog from your lookbook account. I adore your style and portfolio of looks! I also notice that you write for SPOOK occasionally and I assume that you know Nick Melin and the team then? Its crazy how small Melbourne is sometimes!

    My name is Tish and I own and run a Fashion Night Market that is held seasonally in Melbourne and when I came across your profile, I thought you may be the kinda girl that held an abundance of preloved clothing in her wardrobe that you may want to rid off and sell. Whats even better is to find out that you own your own vintage boutique store 🙂

    Our next Mister Mode Fashion Night Market Summer edition is set for the 10th of December and are still looking for a couple more stallholders to join our stallholder army. I was just wondering if you would be interested?

    Mister Mode is a Night Market selling men and womens preloved, vintage and new clothing, accessories, shoes, and other knick knacks that you wont find in retail shops today. And what’s even better is that we provide Live Music, A bar, and we are located in a hidden warehouse in South Yarra.

    Feel free to check out our website of who Mister Mode essential is,

    Look forward to hearing back from you!


    facebook, twitter, youtube

  2. Ashley Rose says:

    I seriously adore this photo shoot, something about sequins on the beach that just makes me go gahhhhhh x

  3. Great little interview and I looove this editorial. So vibrant, HAS to be added to my pinterest boards!

    Rianna xx

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